Geotextile – Field Sewing

Union Special is the top choice when you need to sew that geotextile material together in the field. The 2200 series is the only 2-thread portable with upper/lower feed and adjustable stitch length to meet all those technical specs and seam strengths required.   For the lightweight requirements and non-woven fabric, the 5200 series portable is also an option.

If 2-needle machines is needed, the 80200Z2715A can be rigged up to sew in the field as well.

 2200 Series- 2 Threads- Upper & Lower Feed- Adjustable Stitch Length- Coarse Feed Dogs for Slick material- 11lbs- Sews thick fabrics- 110v or 220v- *NEW* 18V Battery Version
 80200 Series- Heavy Duty- 29916TQ110 Hanging Assy- 2 Needle