Geotextile – Tubes (Dewatering Bags)

For the manufacturing of the geotextile tubes or also called dewatering bags, look at our 80700 series with upper and lower feed for best feeding option. The 80200 series is also used for many tubes and applications. Both machines can sew threads up to 6000 denier but can be modified to sew heavier.

 80700 Series- Chainstitch machine- Upper & Lower Feed- 1 Needle or 2 needle- Filler Cord - Top & Bottom- 1400rpm
 80200 Series- Chainstich machine- Lower Feed only- 1 or 2 needle- 2200rpm
 2200 Series- 2 Threads- Upper and Lower Feed- Adjustable Stitch Length- Coarse Feed Dogs for Slick material- For inserting sprouts- *NEW* 18V Battery Version