Accessories and Options

Union Special offers a variety of accessories and options for its bag closing equipment. Items like mounting brackets & balancers help with the operation of the portables. There is also a variety of options for the bag closing systems. Whether its fold-over kit to help with sifting product or a tape feeder to help with high speed taping operations, we have the options to satisfy your sewing needs.

Top Lock Spring Balancers 2200/4000/3000 Series- For 2200: Part #90191M- For 4000: Part#90191M- For 3000: Part#90191M1
Table and Stand 2200 Series- Table: 90709PS- Stand: H1400F(foot switch incl)- Stand: H1400T(no foot switch incl)
Start/Stop and Chain Pusher 29480WD for 80800C/E- For paper or BOPP bags- Auto start/stop sewing head- Mechanical chain pusher
Chain Pusher TCP1 for 80800C/E- For all types of bags- Pneumatic chain pusher
Tape Feeder US400 Taping Systems- Recommended for speeds over 45ft/min- Reduces tape breakage- Tape break sensor(optional)
93051R Fold-Over Kit US400 Plain Sew Systems- Folds PP, BOPP & Paper- Reduces sifting of product- Indeed required
Tag Placer US400 Systems- Single Tag Placement- Stand alone unit- Feed tags from either side of the infeed