Sewing Heads

Union Special has been producing bag closing heads since 1881. The latest design is our BC200 series that is the only fully-enclosed sewing head on the market. It also is the fastest on the market with mechanisms rated for 3100rpm and with its rotary-shaft design, it reaches these high speeds with low vibration. So whether you are closing paper bags, poly bags or poly-laminated bags, the BC200 is the most advanced bag closer on the market.

If you want the advantages of the fully-enclosed head but do not need the high speed of the BC and looking for a little lower price.  Then the BCE is for you.
Our other heavy-duty bag closer is the 80800 series. With thousands in operation in the market place, this reliable machine continues to show why it has been in the market for so long. So whatever your production needs or production environment, we have the bag closing head for you.

Plain & Tape Sew BC200 Series- 85ft/min - Fastest on market- Only TOTALLY enclosed machine on the market!- Low Noise and Vibration due to rotary shaft and straight needle design- Self-lubricating oil system- Corrosion resistant plating on external parts- Low thread tension
Plain & Tape Sew 80800_N™ Series- NEW LOOK!- Rugged & Dependable- 2-4 spi- Up to 50ft/min
Plain & Tape Sew NEW: BCE300 Series- Low to Medium Production range- Fully Enclosed Mechanism (like BC Series)- Automatic Lubrication System- Guillotine Style Cutter (Plain or Tape cut)- Corrosion Resistant Parts- Great Features for Great Price