New Machine Release – 2200M18 Battery Machine

Union Special has released the 2200M18 series battery-powered portable sewing machine.

For operations where ‘plugging in’ is not the best option. Enjoy complete portability when using the 2200M18.  The 18v lithium battery provides 30 minutes of sewing per charge (depending on application).  Ideal for short runs of sewing or wet installation such as ponds, flood areas, etc.. Longer runs can also be done by carrying a few additional batteries on hand.

Machine setup is the same as our rugged 2200G that is used for joining geotextile fabrics at construction sites, sewing grain tarps, installation of fabrics in wet environments, etc..


  • 18v Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 110v battery charger included
  • Aggressive feed on upper and lower feed dogs
  • Large cone thread stand included
  • 13 lbs
  • Optional top lock spring balancer to help with operator fatigue


Click Here for 2200M18 Brochure