New Machine Release – 56500BL48

56500BL48 (replaces 51500BL)

Union Special has released the 56500BL48 machine that features the 56500 series sewing head equipped with the rugged auxiliary puller similar to the 51500BL puller that has been pulling tarps and banners for years.  With the redesigned clutch mechanism this puller provides maximum pulling power.

Available as a complete unit (head and puller) or you can send us your puller with base and we can refurbish with new clutch mechanism and attach to NEW 56500 machine.

Key Features:

  • Auxiliary puller with new clutch mechanism provide maximum pulling power

  • Sealed, one-way bearings on puller require no oiling

  • Self-lubricating sewing head

  • Adjustable stitch length (4-7 spi)


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