Training covers Class 500 Overedge and Safety Stitch machines. (Machines also called Sergers)


Classes can run from 1 to 5 days


The Overedge and Safety Stitch 500 class covers the various machines that utilize sewing machine needles, loopers and spreaders for forming the stitch over the edge of the material. Emphasis is put on the major timings, adjustments to the sewing area and material trimming knives as well as thread controls, tension adjustments, maintenance, trouble shooting and sewing techniques.


Included in this class are:


One thread overedge machines

Two thread overedge machines

Three thread overedge machines

Four thread overedge machines

Four thread safety stitch machines

Five thread safety stitch machines


Approximately 20% of the course is spent in the classroom, where students are trained on basic stitch types, needles, threads, the stitch formation, and the machine adjusting and trouble shooting specifications.


Approximately 80% of the course is spent in the lab, where students learn to put to use the information learned in the classroom, as well as disassemble, assemble, adjust, sew-off and troubleshoot a particular machine style or class.


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