Bag Making – Sewing Heads for Automated Bag Conversion Units

Union Special takes their standard machines and does slight modifications to the lubrication systems to allow for use in automated bag making conversion units like Starlinger, Strong-Robinette and other OEM manufactures. The 56100RAB is the machine for those wanting to sew the Easy-Open stitch on that laminated poly bag. The latest design allows for speeds up to 4200rpm in the automated system! So if you have an automated system, make sure you have the right machine that gives you optimum performance in that system.

 56100RB/RAB/SAB- Upper and Lower Feed- Easy-Open Tape Guide- Fast - 4200rpm- External Oil Pump- Internal lubrication system- 1-needle, 1-thread- Optional parts for 2 thread
 56100MZ34B- Increased lubrication- Front needle bearing- Bottom feed only- 1 needle, 2 thread- External oil pump- Fast - up to 5500rpm for automated systems