Genuine Parts

Order Genuine Union Special™ replacement parts and you get something you can’t get anywhere else….


Your machines will run marathons on our feet.

Once you put in a replacement part all you want your sewing machine to do is run, and run, and run.  So we make our genuine replacement presser feet bottoms out o spring steel.  Why Spring Steel?  It lasts!  In fact, it lasts up to twice as long as our previous presser feet.  So, your machine runs longer, performs better, and maximizes your productivity.  Genuine parts can help you in the race to ship quality goods to market.

We taught our dogs some new tricks.

You see, we are always reviewing the performance of our parts, and improving our designs and manufacturing techniques.  For example, we find better materials so parts wear longer.  We also use lasers for impressively accurate cuts, so parts fit perfectly every time.  As a result, your mechanic can work faster, and your machine runs longer with less maintenance.  See how our genuine replacement parts can teach your machines some new tricks.

What the latest in loopers is wearing this year.

Ugly on the outside?  Maybe.  Beautiful on the inside.  Definitely.  The manufacturing process is called “Lost Wax” technology and it’s the best to make loopers.  This how Union Special does it, right here in the United States.  This process guarantees a looper that lasts longer, and stitches better.  And your mechanic won’t spend unnecessary time installing, adjusting , or polishing it.  Get your machines dressed for success with genuine Union Special Replacement Parts.

Throat plates guaranteed not to choke productivity.

Genuine Union Special throat plates are guaranteed to fit perfectly every time.  Why?  We use lasers to cut our throat plates.  They make a cut so smooth, so precise, we guarantee if any throat plate fails in the first 90 days due to workmanship or materials we will replace it free.  Period.  So every time you order a replacement part from us, you get the perfect part. One that fits your Union Special sewing machine without any banging, clanging or swearing by your mechanic.   So your machine is up and running fast.  We guarantee it.  Eliminate the choke hold those “generic” replacement parts have on your plant’s productivity.

For Longevity, the Highest Quality, and Best Performance
Insist on Genuine Union Special Parts!