Union Special Bag Closing Systems – US400 Universal


  • Universal Sewing System for Tape or Plain Sew
  • BC211U__ series head with Guillotine Cutter
  • PLC controls for start/stop and controlling tail length
  • Heavy Duty Steel Pedestal equipped with Casters so its moveable.
  • Fast! up to 75 ft/min
  • Significant Tape Reduction with use of Guillotine Cutter
  • Optional VFD on Sewing Head and Infeed
  • Optional Tape Pre-Feeder for PP Tape or Higher Speeds

  • 29950FEC/FED Tape Feeder
  • 998A28A Thread Break
  • VFD Sewing Head
  • VFD Infeed
  • 29480ZQ Needle Cooler